T.R.A.I.N Academy is the first of its kind. With more adults & student athletes playing sports than ever, the need for trainers and a dedicated training environment is a must. We look to combat that issue with cost effective plans and a space that provides fitness, skill and mental health. Our services are perfect for youth players who play basketball, football, track, volleyball, etc.

For individuals who don’t play a specific sport but are seeking to reach health and fitness goals; we offer classes that target overall fitness improvement as well. This includes “Blitzfit” classes that feature weights, cardio and resistance bands, dance and aerobic classes for fat burn and kid friendly classes as well. At the core of all of our training lies these principles.

SKILL - T.R.A.I.N Academy was designed to provide school aged youth and collegiate athletes with a platform to enhance athletic skill, conditioning and IQ. Under the supervision of trainers, students will learn on court concepts needed to take their game to the next level. Our programs fuses skill training with consistency and the continuous repetition that will help take athletes from novice to advance and eventually to expert. A detailed approach to skills training allow us to determine what each individual player lacks and how to direct their training focus. In addition, we work with adults to create a healthier lifestyle with our aerobic, dance and blitz training classes.

TRAINING - We understand that the needs for each athlete is different, so using targeted and tested physical methods, we will work to develop a training plan to improve strength, conditioning and explosion on a per athlete basis. This focus will directly translate to on court performance due to increased physical abilities. Simple but often forgotten principles such as core strength, balance and twitch reaction will also be addressed during workouts session. Exercises will vary from day to day but will always serve a purpose.

IQ - The most important component to elite athlete development is the ability to process real time scenarios and make quick decisions after processing that information. With so many youths participating in sports, the most important tool in today climate is IQ. The ability to make the smart play can make an average player a valued commodity, so imagine how it can enhance an elite player. We will place athletes in position to improve IQ through on court performance and verbal instruction.


Strength, Conditioning and Explosion training for reaching peak performance goals

Rehab services for athletes who suffer from nagging injuries

Specialized skills training for basketball players who are looking to enhance skillset

Adult cross training and dance aerobics classes

Camps, Clinics & Symposiums

Birthday Party Hosting